Dom Joly

Dom Joly

The multi-award winning creator of Trigger Happy TV and author of the incredibly popular travel books- The Dark Tourist, Scary Monsters And Super Creeps and The Hezbollah Hiking Club is taking to the road for his first UK tour since 2011.

He'll play dates starting in August 2020  through to January 2021 coming to a town or city near you. In Dom Joly's Holiday Snaps - Travel and Comedy In The Danger Zone, the funnyman will recall some of the scariest, strangest and most downright dangerous places he's visited. Expect fun, adventure and travel tales unlike any you've previously heard. Tickets on sale now.


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Dom Joly's Holiday Snaps - Travel and Comedy In The Danger Zone

Dom Joly is best known as the creator of Trigger Happy TV. And now the writer and broadcaster is undertaking his first UK tour since 2011, giving fans a rare opportunity to see him live.

Dom will be talking about his exploits as a serial globe-trotting and seeker of dangerous travel spots. From North Korea though the Congo and Syria to Chernobyl, he's visited some of the most unusual places on the planet. Joly famously attended school with Osama Bin Laden and armed with a trusty Powerpoint, fans can expect his holiday snaps to provide comedy and a sense of danger.

The best-selling author will meet fans after the show to sign copies of his latest book, The Hezbollah Hiking Club.

1st October 2021 7.30 PM
2nd October 2021 7.30 PM
3rd October 2021 7.30 PM
5th October 2021 7.30 PM
6th October 2021 7.30 PM
8th October 2021 7.30 PM
15th October 2021 7.30 PM
16th October 2021 7.30 PM
17th October 2021 7.30 PM
21st October 2021 7.30 PM
22nd October 2021 7.30 PM
23rd October 2021 7.30 PM
6th November 2021 7.30 PM
10th November 2021 7.30 PM
11th November 2021 7.30 PM
12th November 2021 7.30 PM
13th November 2021 7.30 PM
14th November 2021 7.30 PM
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