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By Marcus Ashenford
With Foreword by Alain Roux & David Everitt-Matthias

Gus decided to write his own book, Flavour, after working as a chef for more than 20 years. As he says on the pages of that title: “I’m an old-school cook; I roast my own scallops in a pan with butter, rather than cooking them in a waterbath.


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We never do anything just to be fashionable or clever. For me, the most important thing is flavour – it’s what I believe good food is all about.” That philosophy is apparent on every lovingly-designed page. Flavour deconstructs Gus’s recipes to make them easy-to-follow for home cooks. He also shares his own ideas about food and provenance, taking us out into the field for a game shoot, to the high seas to meet his Cornish fish supplier and to the local farmers who provide him with impeccably marbled meat. A smorgasbord of recipes, including soups, starters, mains, desserts and a selection of home-cooked classics make for great eating. And while Flavour is a beautiful book to sit at a coffee table with, it also serves a more important purpose – it gives readers the chance to share and enjoy the recipes that have made Gus one of the nation’s most important chefs.

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