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Back in the Game

By Scott Rea

Back In The Game is Scott Rea's paen to rabbit and hare. In his latest book, he’s had the time and the space to make the subject all his own. This is the book that fits into the series conceived by the rock’n’roll butcher with the Elvis quiff and the fist full of tattoos. He is, very definitely, Back In The Game.


Published Autumn 2021  Hardback

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Sometime in 2018, Scott Read decided he wanted to do a book on rabbits. Four months later, the warehouse was empty. The books had been sold. The decision was taken not to reprint, though the calls from customers continued – they do to this day. So he took the decision to go again. He decided to do a new version of the Cult Classic that was Ahead of the Game. We wanted to do something different; a full-scale upgrade and overhaul. And that’s what Scott Rea’s book is. We also wanted something that would fit into his solo project, #SRP.

And so here you have it. The butchery is far better. What had been foolishly crammed onto a dozen or so pages now has room to breathe – because that’s what you, the reader, asked of him. He’s also had the time and the space to make the subject all his own, in a way that, perhaps, in the first incarnation it was not. This is the book that fits into the series conceived by the rock’n’roll butcher with the Elvis quiff and the fist full of tattoos.

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Published Autumn 2021 Hardback

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