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Ahead of the Game - The Catcher and The Rea

By Simon Whitehead and Scott Rea

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Simon Whitehead and Scott Rea are The Catcher and The Rea. Together, they have produced ‘Ahead of the Game’, a definitive guide to harvesting, preparing and cooking rabbit. Simon ‘ferrets’ through the natural, social and culinary history of the wild rabbit. Unearthing the truth about why we fell out with and then back in love with rabbit, he focuses on the ethical harvest.


Published July 2018  Hardback | 192pp

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Scott illustrates how easy it is for anyone to prepare a rabbit in a variety of ways, by exploring on simple butchery techniques and providing 40 easy-to-cook recipes influenced by signature dishes from around the world.

Simon is one of the UK's leading experts in rabbit catching and employs time-honoured techniques to humanely catch and dispatch his quarry. Scott is the founder of The Scott Rea Project, an online sensation that has introduced the world to rock'n'roll butchery.

Published July 2018 Hardback | 192pp
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